Thursday, October 2, 2014

a beautiful day for photography

Yesterday started off chilly (20 degrees, maybe?) but it was such a beautiful day!

It was a day to run some errands, so I was out and about three times.  
First, to take Jeff to work.
Nothing I needed was open when Jeff had to be at work, so I went around mid-day for my errands.  
That second trip was still beautiful weather, so I took the camera with me.

There is this overlook just off the highway with incredible views of the mountains.  Truly magnificent.  You will probably get bored of the view with all the photos that have already been taken from there, and will in the future.  But oh man, on a day like this, the view really takes my breath away.

This plant is all over the place!  I'm not sure what it is, but I swear it smelled like roses in the area where there were so many.  And they were blowing all over yesterday.  Luckily, I didn't seem to have any allergy problems with it.  Score!

Pulling out of the scenic overlook and looking south, you can see the Chugach Mountains.  It's amazing to be surrounded by four mountain ranges!

Between town and home there is a sign pointing to a picnic area, right on the Tazlina River (which then feeds into the Copper River).  I parked and walked down to the water's edge.  It was nice to just listen to the water.  Rivers up here definitely run!  This one is always moving fast.  

While I was there, I saw one of these guys.  Do you see him?  In the middle?  Every time I see one of these birds, I always think, "Look, a mockingjay!"  But it's not a mockingjay (but admit it, looks a lot of the description from the book...), it's a magpie, according to Google.

Next stop before getting home was a Visitor Center for the Wrangell St. Elias National Park.  I wanted to see what kind of paved paths they have for walking.  Anything has to be better than the gravel road here.  Plus, infinitely better views...

Mt. Drum, folks.  It's amazing how just a bit south changes the view of the other mountains too.  Jeff was even further south yesterday, and had a completely different view.  Love it.
There was also one of those telescope things at the park (free!), and I was able to get a photo through it:

Like I said, a good day.

Then I went home and washed dishes while listening to / singing with Billy Joel and Bon Jovi (I like my artists in alphabetical order).

When I went for my third trip of the day, to pick Jeff up from work, it was still wonderful out.


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Those views are amazing! I miss seeing trees and mountains!