Wednesday, August 5, 2015

08-02-2015: Willow Lake

Meet the mountains:

Mt. Drum; Mt. Sanford

Mt. Drum 12,011'

Mt. Blackburn 16,391'

Mt. Sanford 16,237'

Mt. Wrangell 14,163'

All photos are from August 2, 2015, around 9:30PM, from the Richardson Highway pull-off at Willow Lake.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


(ignoring the fact that this is my first blog since June...)

Twice now Jeff has gotten calls from guys at work to come on down to the fish-wheel.  Tonight I went with him (and luckily he wasn't gone for hours).

Oh, wait, let me back up.  I got a new camera!  The new one is a digital SLR, which basically means you put the lens onto your camera body and zoom and focus instead of it all being automatic like a point and shoot.  I am learning.  I deleted a few photos due to not being in focus.

Back to the story.

This fish-wheel is very close to our house.  For most of the drive we were just going down what we would call a goat trail.

Those steps down to the fish-wheel were much steeper than they appear.  I wanted to just take pictures, so I stayed up top while Jeff went down to help.

There's not a lot of room on the fish-wheel; Jeff had to just keep his balance.  There was only one salmon (world famous Copper River Salmon) in the box when he got there, so he didn't have to do too much work.  See the fish on the cutting table?

That's the view south, from whence the salmon came...

... on their way north.

The new camera has some cool effects, including the very popular "miniature" effect.  Had to try my hand at it, as the manual says it's most effective when shot from above.

We have two lenses for the camera, and the Big One allowed me to get some good close ups.  These birds hang around because as he fillets the fish, he throws the skin, head, etc, into the water.  You should see the birds zoom in and fight for the scraps!

Pete cuts the fish right there at the wheel.  This photo shows how turbulent the water is - it's running fast!

Before we left the house, Jeff put on his Slippery Rock University hat - that's where Rhyanne's headed this fall!

This bird was on an "island" out in the middle of the river.  Back in the MidWest it would be a sandbar, but that isn't sand...

Do you see how close I was able to zoom!  Loving this camera!

Pete's doggy, Kenai, so badly wanted to go down those steps and have some fish...

... but the water runs way too fast and it's not safe for her to be on the wheel.

Sad puppy.

Here you can see more fish-wheels further downstream.

***Okay, I guess I shouldn't just pretend that I haven't blogged in, like, forever.  But the day I returned to work after our trip to the MidWest was the day my manager quit.  So now I'm a one-woman HR department, working full-time, and I come home and fall asleep instead of getting on the computer.  I'll try harder.  There are lots of pictures I'd like to share from our time in the Lower 48.***