Sunday, August 6, 2017

Little Kitty Quilt - Finished!

You know how sometimes you have various fabrics that you acquired at different times throughout the years, from different places in different ways?  Isn't it great when those fabrics come together to make something super cute like this Little Kitty Quilt!

The solids were part of a bundle that I won back in December 2014.  The kitty fabric and one of the binding fabrics were from two different Mystery Bundles that I bought over Instagram, and the backing fabric (which also made part of the binding) was fabric that I bought way back in time when we were living in Wisconsin (before I even owned a sewing machine).

This quilt started coming together, conceptually anyway, last fall.  I'd loved the kitty fabric ever since I received it in August 2015.  I cut the solids soon after I received my QuiltCut2 in August 2016.  But the plan for the quilt wasn't complete until I found out about my cousin Marcos Alan's upcoming bundle of joy!  When my mom told me that he was expecting a daughter, I knew that I wanted to make a baby quilt for him using this kitty fabric.

Oh, yeah, the kitty fabric is from Dear Little World by Quilt Gate.

I was happy to use my design wall to help with layout decisions.  Since I'd already cut up all the solid fabrics, and didn't want them touching (they didn't quite "go"), I was limited on my layout options.  I quickly became apparent that this was gonna be a very small quilt and that the layout decision would be quite important.
wider than the final layout
also, click on any of the pics to make them bigger if you want to see details

With the layout decision made, the quilt came together quickly, quilted on my itty bitty beginner's machine, using 4 different thread colors since there were 4 different solids in the quilt.
all threads I already owned!

Only the center is quilted in both directions.  The corners are quilted only in one direction.  Not sure if that makes sense, but I went with it and liked it.

One beautifully sunny evening Jeff helped with photos.  I love how the quilt looks with the fireweed!  I do wish I had taken some photos when it wasn't in full sun, but it's a lesson for another time.

Another lesson - it would have looked better, and I had enough solid fabrics, if I had left out the lightest pink.  But oh it was my favorite of the pinks!  So even though that lightest pink solid washes out in photos, I just love it in person.  And isn't "in person" the most important!
Jeff was happy that you couldn't see his feet...

Good luck & Congratulations, Marcos Alan, on your expanding family!

The Little Kitty Quilt is my fourth quilty finish of 2017.

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  1. I love it! It sounds just the way I make my quilts and in person, they always look better and that is best. Great job!

  2. Such a darling quilt - great job sewing and photographing it!

    1. Thank you Amy. Photographing the quilts is one of my favorite parts!

  3. What a beautiful little quilt! Pinned for inspiration. I think a similar granny square blanket would be cute too.

  4. Such a pretty quilt. Using what we have and making it look great is part of the challenge of quilting. You managed to do both beautifully!

  5. I love your little kitty quilt. I love the kitty fabric too. It's so meow! The lightest pink does show very well in the photo prior to the outdoor ones. The unique quilting design makes it a little gem. Congratulation! ;^)

    1. I love love love kitty fabric! This is the second kitty quilt I made this year!