Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grocery Prices

One of the first things people would say, when they heard that we were moving to Alaska (other than "isn't that where it's night half the year and day the other half?"*) is:

"Everything costs a lot more up there."

Yes, that is a gallon of milk for $6.49.

Thanks.  I've been there before.

But I also know that prices in Anchorage are not that bad.
The prices on this blog post are local.

$7 for a bag o' chips...  We eat a lot less chips in Alaska than we did in Wisconsin.

While we would love to support the local shop more than we do, we also have to think about the bank account.  I have made a few trips to the store since I got here.

Mostly the trips to the store have been for fresh veggie, or the forgotten canned diced tomatoes.  We've also run out of milk and eggs over the last 2+ weeks.

Of course, we have gotten some treats, like ice cream, Pringles, and pop.

$3 for a 2-Liter of pop!
Well, if nothing else, our location and local prices should help us keep our junk food consumption to a minimum!

*Also, for anyone who asks, no, it's not light half the year and dark the other half.  It's just that the length of the longest day (Summer Solstice) and shortest day (Winter Solstice) are more exaggerated here than farther south.  Right now we're losing a bit more than 5 minutes of daylight per day.

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  1. Does this milk come from an Alaska dairy or from out of out of state?