Friday, October 24, 2014

10-24-14: More snow & a trip to the post office

Hey, surprise!  It snowed today.  Still snowing, actually, and there's three inches accumulated on the porch rail.

I'm trying to find out if this is normal.  Normal for it to snow most days.  In October.  According to this website*, there wasn't snow cover in Glennallen until November in 2013, and a very small amount of October snow in 2012.  Good to know.  *FYI - looks like this website doesn't like Chrome.  Worked fine in Internet Explorer.

As you can see, it was such a snowy, dreary day, the whole landscape looked like it was in black and white.

But I am a sucker for snow that sticks to the trees!

The whole point of going in to town was to mail a package and get the mail.

Glennallen Post Office building
It's a rather large building for the size of community.  It's at least three times the size of the post office in Amboy IL, which is a town of 2500 people.  

ramp entrance to the post office
This is a common material for the entrances to buildings.  This grating allows snow, small rocks, etc to fall through.  Probably results in shoveling the walk a lot less...

There's a good 2-3 feet of space below the grating.
Not only did we have mail; we had packages to pick up!  2 boxes from Amazon plus a box from Mom & Dad.  In fact...

a 2-part jacket, the way it was packaged up and sent to us.
For those of you who know my parents, take a look at that picture of the jacket.  That's how it came out of the box.  Tell me who you think packaged it up and why.  Thanks!

And one last question.  Before we moved, when I was looking for Alaska living blogs to read about what it was like up here, some of my favorite posts were about the towns.  Did you like this post, boring as it may have been, about the post office?  What kinds of things do you want to see posts about up here?  There's only so many posts I can write that start out with "It's snowing again..."


  1. I'd like to see a floor plan of the house you're in and how your furniture fits. Tell us about Glennallen and Copper Center. Tell us more about the local area. Is there a local paper?

  2. I don't know who packaged up the jackets or why. Can you elaborate?

  3. Packages are always fun. Snow fall times and amounts vary from year to year. I do not know if I have ever seen the post office there. We ussually are just driving through to go to Valdez to fish.

  4. Why is Anchorage called "the valley"?

  5. Yay!! I'm so excited that you're on this adventure! I just now found out about your new blog (Jeff posted about it in FB). I can't wait to read more! Now that you're SAHW (stay at home wife) and I'm a SAHM, we should exchange recipes and such!!