Friday, August 5, 2016

Finished! Big Bear Little Bear Baby Quilt

Big Bear Little Bear Quilt
Wow, I am a slow quilter.  If my math is correct, it took me 4+ months to make this baby quilt.  I was on track, had all the blocks cut, most of the brown cut, and got it pieced.  Then the baby (my boss's 7th child!) was born early, and I decided that I hate using that "fur" fabric as the backing.  Which resulted in not touching the thing for 2 months.

I started out by buying the fabric from Massdrop way back in November.  It has totem poles, and my boss is "totem pole people."  His words, not mine.  I had this idea in mind for a "brick" look, so I took out the graph paper and drew it out.  I had 7 prints that I was using (not including the 3 accent bricks), so I was able to arrange the blocks in a way that there were no two bricks of the same fabric next to each other.  Maybe the same design, but different background color.

Once I finished that Berry Bravo quilt, I got to cutting the fabric.  I liked how easy it was to cut the fat quarters, and I think I won't be so reluctant to buy them in the future.  A fat quarter just sounds like so little fabric...
again, I need a design wall, instead of a "design bed"
I decided to use the fur for the backing because, well, bears.  But when it came time to do the quilting, I found the fur to be very slippery.  Plus, I hadn't used any batting because I figured that the fur would be fluffy enough.  Maybe if I'd sandwiched a batting in there I would have had better control over it.

To quilt, I just started by making a line from corner to corner on my top corner blocks, and went from there.  I found my fabric marker pretty much disappeared instantaneously, so eventually I got to the point where I had to mark each line individually, and it would still nearly disappear before I could get the line done.
The people who owned this house previously used this area for their ducks.
One time they looked out to see a bear attaching the pen.
Looks like the pen is under bear attach once again...
But with the end of it, I loved it.  I was very proud.  Once again I was able to take photos of a finished project without leaving my property.  When I gave it to my boss, he said "It's not big enough to cover me!"  I then proceeded to show it off because I was darn proud!

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  1. What a lovely baby quilt - you have done a great job! The 7th baby certainly deserves a brand new quilt!

    1. Thank you Jenny - I can't wait to find out if baby Lena likes it!

  2. That fabric is really cute and your quilt turned out great !

    1. Thank you Colleen! I was very impressed with myself for having such straight lines!

  3. Replies
    1. A high compliment from my quilting aunt! Thank you Loretta!

  4. What a great baby quilt! And your destination photos without going far from home are fabulous!

  5. Hi Kristin, I hopped to you from Lorna, and suddenly I see another NZ quilter and a very dear friend here with a comment too, Jenny. 7 different fabrics for a 7th child, very apt, and I love that quilt.Your boss needs to look at all your stitching, the way you placed the blocks, and be so thankful. I hope this baby treasures the quilt forever. Greetings from New Zealand.

  6. What a sweet quilt! I love the non-traditional fabrics, and the brick design allows them all to shine. I'm sorry you struggled with the "fur" though. I will take your lesson to heart and avoid the darned stuff!