Saturday, October 31, 2015

8-26-15: Seward

Mom & Dad were in Alaska for 3 weeks in August/September.  The first place I took them, of course, was Seward!  I love Seward because of the Seward Sea Life Center, and I love the Seward Sea Life Center because Puffins!

That otter may have been tickling them...

Next up, the puffins!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Summer Pictures

random Alaskan wildflowers

my entire childhood I just wanted to find something mass-produced with my name on it, spelled correctly.
This totally made my day!

Horsetail Falls, Richardson Highway

6-27-2015 - near Thompson Pass, Richardson Highway


puppy at the bank!

Mr. Monopoly knew it was my birthday!

'nuther puppy

Thursday, October 29, 2015

a few more pics from our time in "the States"

Yes, Alaskans call the Lower 48 "the States," as in, "I was back in the States in May & June."

flying in to Chicago

so many pictures of this cute little guy!

family selfie fail!

Illinois sunset

grouchy turtle
Trekker's piano recital

this kid again....

he couldn't get enough of the camera...

Rylee on the Illinois River

This is where I went to school K-7th grade.
It's been closed for quite a few years.  I figured it was the last time I would see the place...

and this is where we lived when I went to that school...

So, can I call that pink color on the wind turbine "alpen glow," like we call it on the mountains?
flying over Wisconsin on the way back home to Alaska

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

6-5-15: Rhyanne's High School Graduation

We made a big road trip with Kiaj & Jereyl to go out to Pennsylvania for Rhyanne's high school graduation.  We didn't have great seats, but at least we were able to be there!

The way they do it means there is only one student on the stage at once.
It took a long time, but it was nice that each graduate had her moment.

now we have 2 college students!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mendota Lady Trojans Softball

I was able to see a few softball games while in Illinois.


low-key posing

still low-key posing

post-game low-key posing

Monday, October 26, 2015

5-24-2015: Clark is skeptical of his cousin Tina

PS:  Did you see those cupcakes?  Erin & I totally made those cupcakes.  There were:

  • white cupcake with lemon pudding filling, lemon frosting, and a raspberry on top
  • chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting
  • chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow filling and peanut butter frosting (flutternutter #forthewin)

Thank you Pinterest!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Best use of a poster-board: Make a Polaroid frame for your next party!

If you're on Pinterest you know that it's very popular (or, it was last winter/spring) to have a frame for taking pictures.  I had the idea to use a white poster-board to make a Polaroid-style frame, with a hashtag #CongratsNateMHS2015! for taking pictures at his graduation party.  I thought it would be a huge hit with the kids!  I really think I had the most fun with it...

who needs the actual graduate when you have a poster of him hanging on the wall?

grad & Dad

this girl >>>

Clark took the Cutest Ever award for the day...

I do not recommend taking a panoramic shot while using a frame with writing on it...

The Grad, Nate, and his family!