Sunday, October 26, 2014

10-24-2014 - The Glenn Highway

I hope you never get bored of landscape photos, because I never get bored of the views.  Here are some from our trip home from Anchorage:

bad attempt at getting a photo of an Alaskan field

There have been swans in this little lake every time we have driven past it.
This time, there was only one, and it was constantly diving for food.
See that little white spot?  That's him...

Stopped at the viewing area for the Matanuska Glacier, this is looking West, where the sum was setting.

The Matanuska Glacier

Also the Matanuska Glacier, but taken from a different location, just past Caribou Creek

The first time we drove out to Glennallen we wondered what these polls were.
We now know that they are for the days when it's so foggy or snowy that you need help staying on the road.
This part of the road, just west of Eureka, is a high spot, without the protection of mountains.


  1. I do not even want to attempt to count the number of AK scenery pictures we have taken in our many years here.
    Those poles are mainly there for the snow plows to know where the road and are quite helpful for winter road trips.

  2. Beautiful! I'll never get tired of looking at your landscape photos, so keep 'em coming!