Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mixologie Baby Quilt

I finally did it!  I finally made another quilt!

The first one I made was a Packer Blanket for my hubby.  When I got the email about a baby shower for my cousin Bethany, I knew it was a good opportunity to make my second quilt.

I was able to use fabrics from my stash.  I used a Mixologie (Moda) jelly roll, a grey with white dots by Michael Miller for the center of the back, and a lighter gray with polka dots for the binding.  I received both of the polka dot prints in a Mystery Parcel from Whimsy Quilts.  It was a great deal and I was so happy to have fabrics on hand to use since we live so far from a fabric store.

I'm sewing!
I used the "jelly roll race" instructions for the quilt top (check it out on YouTube if you're interested).  I really liked the process because it was just so darn fast!  I'm not super happy with the results, though.  I'm not sure I would do it again, unless it was in order to then cut the fabrics again to make blocks or strips or something.

I made my own binding!  Making binding and actually binding the quilt were the things that I was most apprehensive of, so I'm glad I've done both of those things now.

does anyone else use grips to hold their binding?
I chose to straight line quilt it, attempting to "stitch in the ditch" which ended up so not perfect, but I still like it.  And I took the easy way out and machine stitched the binding.  In fact, I did it backwards because I was worried about a double stitch on front.  But I like how it looks so no regrets.

And then it was done!  Oh my gosh it was so exciting to do the binding which was so way easier than I anticipated!  I knew it wasn't a good day (chilly and kinda cloudy) to try and get a picture with mountains, but I realized I had some decent "scenery" here at home, so I did a 10 minute photo shoot with the help of my hubby.  Now, on to the next one!

final dimensions:  41.75x48.5 inches
And the day that I mailed the quilt, I found out that little baby Luke has arrived!  I didn't know if they were expecting a boy or girl, and felt this was a good "gender neutral" color palette, and I hope that it keeps Luke warm, gives a good place to have tummy time, and/or looks cute in a stack of blankets in his nursery!

Congratulations Daniel & Bethany!

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  1. Well done on finishing your second quilt! Gorgeous fabrics which I'm sure baby Luke (and parents) will love!

    1. Thanks so much Deb! I'm pretty sure I'm hooked now...

    2. Yay girl!!! Binding triumphant!! I, too, put my bindings on backwards, sometimes if I'm worried about people minding the stitches. Such a lovely quilt, and Luke and his folks will love it forever!! Great pics :) XX!

  2. Very bright and fun! What a great quilt for a baby boy.

  3. Oh my gosh, look at you!! Well done and congratulations on a super second finish!! There are some really fun Jelly roll patterns on Moda Bake KarinVail...jellies seem to be her specialty :) I totally appreciate that good feeling of having what you need on hand...we live in the lower 48, but a 5 hr drive one way to the closest fabric shop...thank goodness for UPS and USPS!!!! :)

  4. HI Kristin, What a beautiful quilt and fun photoshoot to show it off!
    Lucky Lukey ;)

  5. Woo hoo! Congrats on your second quilt! You did a wonderful job and that's a great pattern to use for a baby quilt. Yes, you do have gorgeous scenery up there! So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  6. I use an empty spool to hold my binding. It moves along just like you need it.

  7. Great little quilt! Anytime you can use a jelly roll...I never know what to do with them! Congrats on another finish!

  8. Great finish! I love the prints, they're so happy. :) I'm usually wrestling with my binding as I go around the quilt, I'll have to remember using a clip to keep it under control.

  9. Congrats on a beautiful quilt and I can see more coming!! I sew all my bindings on by it!

  10. Great quilt! Just took a tour of your much inspiration! You're living my dream.

  11. Great job - keep up the good work.