Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014: My first Alaskan snowfall

Left the house to take Jeff to work today to see that it was snowing!  Just a dusting, of course, because, hey, it's only October 3!
I was NOT driving!  Jeff was.  Can you tell that everyone was headed in the same direction?  Snow on our side of the road had all blown off from traffic.

the front yard when I got home around 8:30.

But, it kept snowing.  And sticking, because it's been below freezing for multiple nights here.

After four hours, this is what we have...

The front yard just before 11AM.

No, I didn't expect to start winter so soon.  I don't have a coat or boots yet!

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  1. We joke that winter in Marshall runs October through May. There's usually snow for all those months, so while we are kidding, we're also kind of serious! I'm glad you did find good gear on your recent shopping trip. You'll need it! :)