Saturday, June 10, 2017

Meow or Never Quilt - finished!

Since Tina has the best sister in the world, I thought that I should make her a quilt. Of course, I started thinking this a while ago, in plenty of time for her *milestone* birthday.  But I missed that, as one does, which means I was able to give her a quilt when we visited in April!

For the top, I used Meow or Never by Erin Michael for Moda.  I decided on a chain link fence pattern, and determined the size of the squares and strips based on the large dot cat print.  I used most of the cat prints that came in the fat-quarter bundle that I bought - that is a cat-centric quilt!  There are 4 cats that live in her house (I think three of them actually belong to my niece), and we've both always loved kitties, so I knew I wanted to make her a kitty quilt.  I cut out the center squares and used my design wall to determine how to arrange them.  Gosh, I love that design wall!  And based on picture, it looks like the quilt was started and finished/given within a 2-month time period!  That must be a record!

we may have trespassed a little for some of the photos

The first night down there (Easter!  I got to spend a holiday with my family!) I asked if everyone wanted to see the newest quilt that I made.  When I brought it out, Tina's response was "Kitties!"  I had Trekker read the "tag" of the quilt...
For Tina From Kristin
Meow or Never 2017
I would just like to tell you the name of that pink fabric - Cat Tongue.  Seriously.  Cat Tongue.
I think she was happy with it.  I hope so!  At least it will get used.  Trekker was under the quilt before they left for the evening!
This photo taken at Mom's house, on her request.  Turned out to be the best photo-shoot location...
I love to see photos of "quilts in the wild" - so I got Tina and Mom to go out with me and take some.  This is the first quilt that I've made to be photographed off-property - all other quilts photos were taken at home!  It was fun to run around with Mom & Tina taking pictures, even if it was cold and windy...
Tina's response when I asked her to show the "back side"...
This is the biggest quilt I've every made (so far)!  I am so lucky that I have a friend with a long-arm - I would never have attempted this size of a quilt without her generosity!
Man, I love using Audrey's long-arm sewing machine!

The Meow or Never Quilt was my third quilty finish of 2017.

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  1. Very nice! And a very deserving recipient! :)

  2. Beautiful quilt, so nice you could use your friends longarm quilting machine to finish it up.

    1. I count myself very lucky to have a friend with a longarm!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Such a cute quilt. I think I've seen that pattern before, I just can't remember where. I love the colors of the fabric. You did a fantastic job in it. Found you through Main Crush Monday. Hope you don't mind a new "follower". --Andrea


  5. Lovely colour combinations, you made a great job, it's a wonderful gift.

  6. Hello to Alaska - from New Zealand. Lovely quilt indeed, and a very happy sister, I'm sure.

    1. Thank you Jenny! Yep, my sister says she loves love loves her kitty quilt!

  7. Hi Kristin in Alaska,
    First of all - I love visiting your state! I've been there five times over the years - Anchorage, Juneau, Skagway and a few other places. Beautiful! Now back to quilting . . . I love this quilt. I love the photos - the name is too cute. I hope you sister loves it - she'll feel all the love stitched within it every time she uses it. ~smile~

    1. Thank you Roseanne! Sometimes I forgot to stop and look around at this beautiful state we live in! It's made for some awesome quilt photo shoots too!

  8. Aw, what a sweet quilt. And the frames made by the fence pattern set off the printed squares so well. Love the name of that pink fabric! Your photo shoots are lovely. I'm glad you took time to take pictures in the wild. The backside shot is a hoot!

    1. Thank you JanineMarie! One of my favorite things about finishing a quilt is photographing it!