Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quick Update

Well, I've been up here nearly three weeks now.  A whole week of that has been snow covered.

full snow

Thursday morning I heard on the radio (yes, we have a local station) that there was 11 inches on the ground.  And we had to have gotten another few inches Thursday night into Friday.  Goodness gracious, I don't think we're going to get an Indian Summer up here folks (or would it be Eskimo Summer?).

We got a couple packages in the mail!  Mom sent us some stuff that I had left there, and included an anniversary gift in the box:

Do you see that?  Have you any idea how hard that puzzle is going to be?  It was bad enough that I only got the edge done by trial and error; check out the part with all the fans!  That's going to be a rough one...

And Tina sent this:

A cute little birdie as a housewarming gift!  Love it!

The car finally got here!  I knew it was coming on Thursday, and Jeff called me to tell me that he had seen it at the Hub.  When I got there my first thought was "Does it have tinted windows?"  But no, just dirty.  Very dirty.  It came a long was on the back of that car hauler, all the way from Seattle.

Other than that, just keeping on keeping on.  I really badly wanted something crunchy the other day, and we ended up making tuna salad and eating that on saltines.  It definitely fixed the crunch craving.  And I know if we'd still been down in Wisconsin, I probably would have just gotten in the car and run down to the Quick Trip to get some chips.  Sure, it's not too far to the store here, but for some reason it just feels like so much less likely to go just because I want something.

Which is maybe one of the reasons I've lost 7 pounds since I got here.  Of course I still have to lose 3 pounds to get to where I was before Jeff left Wisconsin, but I'm getting there.  The lack of french fries and drive-thru ice cream helps.


  1. Jealous of your snow! We've only seen flurries so far.

  2. Ugh...I'm going to have to stop following your blog because it makes me want to move to Alaska even more than I did after our cruise there in 2007!!! :/