Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My first week of housewifery

So, my new job of housewife started last Monday, September 22.

So far,

  • I haven't broken any dishes, even though the last place I lived without a dishwasher saw the death of at least four glasses, all in less than one year.
  • I started wearing my apron, because washing dishes can be messy.

so many dishes...

  • I found out how long it takes to sweep a house that doesn't have any carpets whatsoever.

  • I made my husband breakfast 3 of those work days and sent lunch with him a few times.  I also found out he prefers to take cold lunch because he never knows where he will be when he is hungry for lunch.

  • I have begun to question how we can have a need to do so much laundry, and then realized for the last two and half months I had been doing laundry for one person, not two.

  • I've made seven trips to town, all in three days.

  • I found out what it means to go and get water.

  • And I have made dinner, fairly consistently.

  1. Monday:  Soup (broccoli & cheese, bag mix) and salad
  2. Tuesday:  Tortellini Soup
  3. Wednesday:  Tacos
  4. Thursday:  Chicken Fajitas (which we had twice the first week of dating)
  5. Friday:  Pizza (frozen, but doctored up with sauteed veggies and goat cheese - yum!)
  6. Saturday:  Sloppy Joes & cornbread
  7. Sunday:  Leftovers!
  8. Monday:  30-Minute Stove-top Lasagna, and cake (boxed) with frosting (homemade)
  9. Tuesday:  Leftovers (me) & frozen pizza (him)

And now I'm working on a shopping list for our next trip to town.  I do want to try baking bread, and I would really like to try making tortillas...  maybe I need to check out Pinterest for some ideas...


  1. Oh Lawdy, what has happened to you... Suzie Homemaker!!

  2. P.s. I hate the verification for posting comments. Just sayin'... Ain't nobody got time for dat!

  3. I'm so proud of you! You'll make your own way as you go...


  4. do you mean your next trip to the city? dad

    1. Sounds like maybe people around here talk about going "to the valley." I need to make a shopping trip for our next trip to the valley.