Friday, January 1, 2016

My 2015 Crafty Finishes

It was a slow start to the crafting process in 2015; I blame the fact that we never fully moved in to the rental property, and I didn't have a space set up for it.  I spent a week in January, while Jeff was in Valdez at training, making him a Packer Blanket:

and then nothing until I finally made a baby quilt for little Luke (whose name I didn't know until the box had been mailed - but at least I mailed the quilt before I knew he had made his appearance!):
this was my most popular post on this blog, ever.

Then it was on to making a table runner and a couple of placemat's for Mom & Dad's Florida house:

Once I knew the Christmas presents were safely sent in the mail, it was time to take care of the present I chose to make as Sheila's Secret Santa:
I used black fuzzy fabric and made an infinity scarf, and added the flower embellishment to it.  
Man, that fabric is so messy to work with!

My final finish for 2015 is this #IntrepidThreadChallenge stocking:
and I'm glad I got photos when I did.
We now have no snow on the trees and it full-on rained yesterday...

My first project of 2016 involves this fabric...
Which I've already started and realized that I grossly underestimated my need for the solid fabric.  Ugh...  That project is now on hold until the next time we get to town.  So, what to work on?  Ombre, kitties, or bears?


  1. Love the purple and aqua fabric in your next project! Can't wait to see what it is!

  2. I LOVE how crafty you've become!

  3. You had some great finishes in 2015. The stocking is a beauty. Love the fabrics of your new project. Happy 2016 with lovely finishes.

  4. Hi Kristin! Your quilts are beautiful! I'm happy to find a quilter from North as I'm from Finland. Great to see the snow and forest! x Teje

  5. Haha...totally relate to the "put on hold til the next trip to town", which for us can be quite a little wait! I love how your crafty year is that light blue with all the little squares! :)

  6. I am lovin' the fabric for your first 2016 project!