Monday, January 4, 2016

9-2-2015: Richardson Highway

During Mom & Dad's first week at our house, we had a day with really nice weather, so we decided to drive North on the Richardson Highway, just to see what we could see.  I had never been further North than the Tok Cut-Off, so I was excited to see the landscape.

Potty-Break!  The roads in Alaska have lots of road-side restrooms (like an outhouse, but not as gross).
This one had a viewing platform to see the salmon run.

The view across the road (to the East) from the rest stop included a view of the pipeline.

This is a view North over Paxson Lake towards the Alaska Mountain Range.
If you look at the top of the hill on the right side of the photo, you can see some houses.  This is Paxson.
Wikipedia says that Paxson's population at the last census was 40.

this glacier view is courtesy of a DOT pull-off...

the start of Rainbow Ridge - the road turns left before hitting the mountains there...

At one point there is a pull-off where you can walk right up to the pipeline.

Please don't climb on the pipeline...

Dad spent some time looking at the pipeline...

The truck auditioned for a Ford commercial (not really).

...and I took what could be a really good ad for touring Alaska in an RV...

We stopped at a pull off with good views to the West - no mountains to see.

And then we pulled ahead a few fee to get a glimpse at Mt. Wrangell and Mt. Drum.
We had taken some lunch with us, which was good since we were gone over lunch.  I couldn't believe how clear the skies were and how blue the mountains are when you are that far away from them.  We passed a lot of little ponds that would be great little thinkin' spots - thinkin' while waiting for a moose...


  1. Amazing photos, Kristin! x Teje

  2. This was a beautiful ride and many beautiful pictures. Sky and mountains very clear and crisp.


  3. The water in the picture with Jeff is so CLEAR! Beautiful!