Saturday, December 26, 2015

My #IntrepidThreadChallenge Christmas Stocking

Way back at the end of September, The Intrepid Thread offered fabric in exchange for participating in a challenge:

"We will give you a mini charm pack of Modern Background Paper, a fat eighth of Arrow fabric from Lori Holt's Modern Minis, and a Fat Quarter of the Word Find fabric from Melody Miller. "

I was lucky enough to respond soon enough to receive the bundle of fabric.

And man, did I have a mental block!  I didn't know what to do with the stuff...  But it was getting down to the wire of either having to use it or pay for it (which I think is a fair parameter when someone is giving you free fabric to be creative with - either use it or pay for it).  And it was Christmas, so well, all I could think of was making a Christmas stocking.  

I cut strips of the pink and green, sewed them together, cut strips the other way, and sewed those together to come up with this:

I then used the mini charm pack to make the cuff.  I used a bright pink thread for all of the quilting, and used the rest of the pink fabric to make the binding.  I really wanted to put a binding on it instead of making an inside seam because a stocking my Grama made for me when I was little has a binding and I just really like the look.  I used fabric from my stash for the lining and the back, and some of the checkerboard that I had cut off of the stocking shape to make the hangy-loop.  
And finally, just in time for Santa, it was finished!
on the back of our property, facing North.

I wished I'd had enough fabric to put a binding on the bottom of the cuff also, but I was just a few inches short, and I wanted all the visible fabric to be what was sent to me for the challenge, even though she gave free reign to add other fabrics.

hanging on a small part of our wood pile; these logs are HUGE!
I really enjoyed the process, and was glad that I had the incentive to actually use this fabric.  I have other fabrics that have been sitting there for a much longer time, with projects in mind even, that I have not yet cut in to.  So it was very satisfying to finish this project, especially with the timing!  I know that my work is not perfect, and I'm okay with that, because I know that with more practice, I will improve.  And I know that I will never do perfect work, and I'm okay with that too, as long as I'm enjoying it.


  1. I love the checkerboard pattern. Congrats on the finish. Sometimes deadlines are a necessary motivator.

  2. New to your blog Kristin... found you on Sew Fresh Quilts today :)
    I LOVE your stocking... I made 2 stockings myself this year!
    I just love how you used what was sent to you.. congrats on using it and advertising these fun fabrics... I will go to the quilt shop and let them know I saw your cute stocking and love the fabrics they have too! thanks for blogging this finish and again Congrats on such a fun finish... I am glad you didn't use the binding on the cuff bottom btw.. I like it as you finished it! :) Kathi

  3. I love the stocking and the light fabric works fantastically for the cuff. Isn't it funny how creativity works?

  4. This is so cute! I love the patchwork and the neutral accent of the cuff. And the binding looks fabulous! Great photoshoot!

  5. Love it! I'll watch for my stocking in the mail... :-)

  6. Great use of fabric! It turned out beautifully!

  7. This is so cute! I love stockings in every color and pink and green are my faves for Christmas!

  8. This is really cute. I think it looks great without the binding on the bottom of the cuff - sweet and simple.