Saturday, January 2, 2016

8-31-2015: a few last pictures from our cruise on the LuLu Belle

there were jellyfish!
Growing up I always thought that jellyfish were just in warm water - I was wrong!

taking a Christmas photo in August...
We saw Orca Whales!
Those guys were quick - I never got the "money shot" but I saw them out of the water - it was so cool!
this whale hung out quite a while (I think he was a humpback whale?).
He was playing around, rolling, splashing water with his "arms"...
I started to wonder if he was trying to wave at us!

same whale
and shortly before the whale was done playing with us, we saw this...

(edited for color)
Oh man, I can't WAIT to go on this cruise again!
It was $125 per person, and it was 7-8 hours long - I would say that's worth the price!
leaving Valdez harbor the sun started coming out and the water was this amazing teal color...

there are tons of waterfalls all over Alaska...

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  1. I want to come to Alaska anyway, but this post has made me soooo badly want to come now....