Monday, September 29, 2014

Transporting the car

Jeff towed the Jeep up the Alcan behind the U-Haul.  Once that trip was over, he said that he did NOT want me to drive to Alaska.

Well, that's good, because I really didn't want to.

Problem is, the quote that Jeff had gotten for transporting the car from Wisconsin was $4000!  Holy cow!  Kinda knocks you down, a number like that.

But he had seen trucks rolling through town transporting vehicles and gave them a call.

Turns out it costs $1600 to transport the car from Seattle to Glennallen.  Still a large sum, but much easier to take than four grand.

That, my friends, is why Tina and I took off on our road trip out west!  We had to deliver the car to Seattle.

Unfortunately, today I found out that it will be another week or more before I get the car (they had truck problems).


So, that means we are still sharing a vehicle.  No big deal since I don't have somewhere I HAVE to be, but on days when it's easier that I run an errand, then I'm driving into town multiple times (take Jeff to work; run the errand; pick Jeff up from work).  I don't mind, but it does notch some time out of my day.

Plus, the hand-held vacuum is in the car.  I would really like to have that right now...

This is the view during my walk the other day.  We're on a gravel road out here, and the gravel isn't like we know in the MidWest - it's much larger rocks.  Must remember to wear better shoes for the next walk...

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