Thursday, September 25, 2014

an organized pantry!

While I was in Wisconsin alone, my stress was expressed through over-eating.  After I bought Hostess cupcakes, Leslie (at work) asked "What are you eating?"  "My feelings.  I'm eating my feeling."


Jeff expressed his stress by not unpacking.  Much.  He had sent me pictures of the house from 2-3 weeks after getting to Alaska.  When I got here on Sunday, it pretty much looked the same.  sigh

So, I need to do something about it.  I am not a clean person; I have piles disease just like the rest of my family.  But only having a small section of kitchen counter to work with because the rest was full, that just wasn't okay.


So I started by pulling everything out of the pantry and trying to categorize it.  It was good!  I got all the food put away.  It left me with more empty counter space.  So I moved items to where they were supposed to live.


It feels a lot better knowing that I'm getting more organized, and can make meals easier because I know where things are, and I have counter space on which to prepare stuff!

I think I've been doing a good job of playing the little home-maker.  I get up when Jeff does (otherwise I would sleep aaaallllllll morning).  I've started making him breakfast.  I pack his lunch, and send him on his way to work.  Then I shower and have breakfast (with a TV show), followed by doing dishes.  There might also be sweeping, burning burnables, doing laundry, etc. involved, followed by time on the computer.  I've been setting a timer when I get on the computer because otherwise I would probably spend HOURS on the interwebs...
After lunch (with a TV show), I try to do more unpacking/organizing around the house, and work on getting dinner together.  Yesterday I also go out and took a walk.  Unfortunately we live on a gravel road, and the gravel here is more like rocks.  Lots bigger than the gravel I'm used to in the Lower 48. I definitely need to work harder at getting physical activity in my day.
After making dinner, Jeff & I have been eating our dinner in front of the TV, where we watch a show that we both like, and just spend time together.  He's been working 10-hour days this week, so early bedtime makes the evenings short.  We don't have a ton of time home together, with his long work days this week, so I've not really been doing house work in the evenings.

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  1. Lookin' good! Now we need to see the rest of the house!!! :)