Saturday, December 6, 2014

Willow Lake

We took a drive last weekend, hoping to see the mountains, and we headed south since I have only headed north on the Richardson since I got here.

The clouds wanted to keep the mountains all to themselves.  You can see the top of Mt. Drum.  That's Willow Lake, and a nice looking cabin right there on the lake front.

That place would probably offer some pretty views all year long...

There are so many turn-off areas in Alaska so that people have a place to pull off and take photos.  There is such a place at Willow Lake.  This is the view if you keep heading south.

The colors kept changing because it was mid-afternoon, aka sunset...

Closer view of the top of Mt. Drum.

Another beautiful view of the mountain, cabin, and lake...
And my favorite of the day, with the purples & pinks of sunset.