Sunday, December 7, 2014

Photos from our last trip to Anchorage

The weekend before Thanksgiving we made a trip in to Anchorage.  It was a two day affair, because I knew that we would not have time to get everything done in one day.  It was, after all, our last opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.

Since our route takes us West, the sun was always either in our eyes from the South (not climbing high enough for the visor to be of any use), or behind mountains, like in the photos above.  It's amazing to think that if you build North of mountains, you could end up with months of no direct sunlight each winter...  Duly noted.

Since it was a Christmas gift shopping trip as much as a grocery/supply shopping trip, I don't have too many photos.  I can tell you that it was exhausting, not only the actual trip, but also the prep.  Looking through the cupboard to see what all we needed, coming up with meal ideas, looking at the ingredients, making a shopping list based on that.  And then finding all those items at the stores!  Well, let's just say that I did not get the full grocery list...  And by the time we were done, I really didn't care, either.

We did get to see the worlds largest chocolate fountain.  I mean, there's not designation from Guinness or anything, but they say it's the largest.  And it was pretty impressive - a 2-story chocolate fountain!

And we definitely pushed the limits of the car.  The photo above was before we even went to the grocery store...  Jeff said that the car rode a good 4 inches lower all loaded down from our trip.  I was quite happy that we never needed the spare tire.  We really would have had a time unloading the trunk for that...

Putting away the groceries gave us a full pantry, but it's still not organized...  And since it's been two weeks, I guess it's time to get on that...


  1. After many, many years, I finally got my walk-in pantry organized this fall...after I had to remove everything to paint it! I encourage you to get your pantry organized, too! :) If you owned this house, I'd highly recommend the pullout shelves for this kind of pantry. But, since you are only renting... :( One thing we did with out pantry cupboard like this one, is we got some plastic bins that pretty well fit the shelves. That way we can pull them out and see what is there. We eventually plan to replace our shelves with the pull-out ones, but they are expensive to do all at once...and we are still recovering financially from the kitchen remodel right everything in it's own time.

  2. It sounds as though you have to be organised!! How long does it take you to get to Anchoridge? That chocolate fountain is impressive!!