Saturday, December 20, 2014


We went shopping last weekend.  It was nice because we didn't need to go shopping, we just went to go.  It was just a day trip, and just down to Wasilla.

We left before the sun was up, and got to see the sunrise.  The sunrise was to the south, of course!  Getting to the valley, it was overcast.

And that was the day that I figured out why our trees are continuously covered in snow.

You see, it was windy over there in Wasilla!  It was in the upper 20's, but it felt so cold with that wind!  And I realized, we don't have wind at home!  The trees, and bushes, and road signs, and wires all hold so much snow because it doesn't get blown off!  How did I not realize that before?

You remember when I saw that dog at Costco?  Well, I guess taking your pet to the store is normal up here!  I was sitting at the WalMart waiting as Jeff talked to someone about his glasses, and I saw this woman, and I thought, "No, it can't be!"  But it was...
And yet, it was.  She had a kitty.  In WalMart.  She was buying cat food.  I don't know if she thought that she had to have proof of cat ownership in order to buy it, or if the cat was helping to pick it out, or what.  All I could think was "Who brings a cat to the store!"


  1. Lol!! Yeah who takes a cat to the store??? Weird! I love seeing the scenery where you live, it's really quite breathtaking!

  2. I saw a little fru fru dog in sams a few weeks ago. Why?? Just odd. There was a German Shepherd in Sportman's Warehouse Friday night. Not a service dog, just a dog.