Monday, December 29, 2014

Instagram - Top 5 of 2014

It's no surprise that my top 5 posts to Instagram are from Alaska.  It just has more of a draw than, oh, Wisconsin.

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Looking south along the Copper River, just north of Copper Center. 

Willow Lake with Mt. Drum in the distance.
Glenn Highway, facing east, about 10 miles west of Glennallen.
Mt. Drum overlooking its kingdom...
Airplanes at the airstrip north of Glennallen, Mt. Drum in the background.
This image was heavily edited using Google Photos.
#1:  My most popular Instagram post this year:
Richardson Highway, south of the Old Rich.
This sunset was very pretty, so I pulled to the side of the road to take a quick photo with my new phone.
The camera on my new LG G3 is so much better than my old phone...


  1. I Love these pics!! I'm sewpsychd on instagram! See ya there :)

  2. Such beautiful photos. I guess Alaska still holds a mystery for so many people as an untamed place.

    1. Thanks Deborah! It's great to live in such a quiet place when we watch all the craziness happening down in the Lower 48...

  3. I love your pictures.