Sunday, October 25, 2015

Best use of a poster-board: Make a Polaroid frame for your next party!

If you're on Pinterest you know that it's very popular (or, it was last winter/spring) to have a frame for taking pictures.  I had the idea to use a white poster-board to make a Polaroid-style frame, with a hashtag #CongratsNateMHS2015! for taking pictures at his graduation party.  I thought it would be a huge hit with the kids!  I really think I had the most fun with it...

who needs the actual graduate when you have a poster of him hanging on the wall?

grad & Dad

this girl >>>

Clark took the Cutest Ever award for the day...

I do not recommend taking a panoramic shot while using a frame with writing on it...

The Grad, Nate, and his family!


  1. Looks like fun! You must be the world's best aunt! :)

  2. She IS the world's best aunt!!!!