Saturday, October 24, 2015

5-23-2015: Nate's High School Graduation

graduation fist-bump
Erin & Loretta

Nate's big moment
Woo Hoo!

proud Mama & Graduate

Back in June of 2014, when this whole "let's move to Alaska!" thing was happening, I told Jeff that I needed to know I would be able to make it back for Nate's graduation.  He said "sure, as long as we have the money" and after a death glare from me he added "or we can put it on the credit card."  Smart husband.

Nate's & Rhyanne's graduations were far enough apart that Jeff wasn't able to make it to Nate's but I was sure there!  I wasn't going to miss it!

I know it's 5 months late, but, hey, we're proud of you Nate!

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