Thursday, October 29, 2015

a few more pics from our time in "the States"

Yes, Alaskans call the Lower 48 "the States," as in, "I was back in the States in May & June."

flying in to Chicago

so many pictures of this cute little guy!

family selfie fail!

Illinois sunset

grouchy turtle
Trekker's piano recital

this kid again....

he couldn't get enough of the camera...

Rylee on the Illinois River

This is where I went to school K-7th grade.
It's been closed for quite a few years.  I figured it was the last time I would see the place...

and this is where we lived when I went to that school...

So, can I call that pink color on the wind turbine "alpen glow," like we call it on the mountains?
flying over Wisconsin on the way back home to Alaska


  1. I love your pictures. Dad wants to know how you reversed the family picture.


    1. The camera on the phone does that. If there were words on shirts they would have been backwards, like in a mirror.