Saturday, April 11, 2015

You know you're old when you spend a lot of time talking about the weather...

Huh*, three and a half weeks since I wrote a blog post.

Not much has been going on around here.  While it's Spring down in the Lower 48, it's Breakup Season here in Alaska.  (Breakup meaning when the ice breaks up on the rivers)
Side note:  When I asked a neighbor if she thought my Subaru Legacy would be okay around here (it's a car that sits low), she said, "sure, except for maybe during Breakup."

It never got so darn cold here for the Copper River to truly freeze completely over, and there is a good amount already open.

What's really been bad (in my MidWest opinion), is the melting of all the snow.  We got more than normal snowfall for this area this year (as far as I've been told, anyway - how would I know?).  For a while we had a mote between the house and the garage which made me happy to be wearing my Keens.  It's dried up a bit now, but there is still standing water (that freezes at night when it dips into the 20s).  Temps have been getting into the 40s most days, which feels nice.  In fact, when Jeff came home yesterday, there was only 20 degrees difference between the outdoor temp and the indoor temp.  That's a huge change from a few months ago when there was 100 degrees difference!  And I am so ready to take the plastic off of the windows, but knowing it's only April in Alaska, I'm not going to be trying to do that too early...

And as anyone who lives where there is snow will tell you, when it's melting, it's pretty ugly.  There's a lot of ugly ditches around here, either filled with water, or ugly dirty snow, or just filled with the gravel the put down on the roads for traction.  Not pretty.  Hence, few photos.

Luckily, where there are no roads, you might be able to find a pretty sight.

After church on Easter we picked our way across the slush and frozen snow to see the Copper River.  There are still large ice shelves, but quite a wide open channel in the middle.

And maybe I won't devote my next blog post to the weather, k?  And let me know if you like the new look of the blog...  thx!

*Hey Mom, what's this spell?  "H-U-H?"
Mom, what's this spell?  "H-U-H?"
Mom! what's! this! spell!?  "H!-U!-H!?"
*funniest van conversation ever!*


  1. Breakup is definitely so ugly.

  2. LOL! H-U-H? I was confused at first by the new look, but I'll get used to it I guess...