Sunday, April 12, 2015

She thinks we're like BFF or something

This is Sophie.

She lives across the street, but she owns the neighborhood.

I had lived here for 6 months before I found out where she lives because she is always all over the place.

She comes to the house and was never happy that I wouldn't give her a treat.

I'm just not a dog person.  I've gotten to the point where I will give her a couple of pets or ear scratches, but then I'm done.

And Jeff opened the flood gates by giving her a treat one day.

looking at the treat in my hand
And since then we have given her treats about 1/3 of the times she has stopped by.

looking at my, wondering when she gets her treat
Now she shows up when I'm leaving or returning from work.  And she runs over to me like she is so darned excited to see me!  She goes into the garage when I'm moving the car.  She finds a dry path to get to the porch.  She has even tried to come inside.

licking her chops, just wanting that treat!
But, sorry Sophie, I'm still not a dog person.  You will probably still get treats every now and again, though...

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