Sunday, April 19, 2015

long days with snow still on the ground

I was talking to Mom yesterday and told her that the intellectual side of my brain is fighting with the experience side of my brain.

I understand that yes, it is April, and yes, we are having long days already because we live this far North, and yes, that living far North is why we still have so much snow on the ground.  Intellectually I get that.

However, for 37 years, experience has told me that when the days are this long, we're headed to see 4th of July fireworks and wishing the air conditioning in the car was colder and seeing the grass turn brown from the heat of the day.  And that is why my brain is trying to implode.

So, today, April 19, we are to have 15 hours 13 minutes 4 seconds of "day".  But it also says that it won't get darker than Astrological Twilight.  Goodness....

So with a day as long as that, you would think it would be all daisies and flip flops.

Not so.

Exhibit A:
4-17-15 8:42 AM
This is Lake Hartwig.  It used to be Hartwig Mote, but it's less wet between the house and the garage now.  Can you tell that it's frozen over?  Most mornings the standing water has frozen over again.

Exhibit B:
4-17-15 8:43 AM
This is the "yard."  While the edges of the snow had added snow shoveled onto it, that's not the case of the whole yard!  There was just so. much. snow. that it's still feet thick and is taking a long time to melt, especially with the re-freeze overnight.  You can see remnants of Hartwig Mote (frozen over) in the foreground.

Exhibit C:
4-17-15 8:42 AM
This is the road we live on, facing East.  The sun rises in the East!  Back in the day it was barely rising at 11 AM and staying in the southern sky...  Look how high the sun is for so early in the day!

Exhibit D:
4-17-15 8:48 AM
This is where the Rich and the Old Rich meet.  I include this to show how much difference there is between here and where we live.  It's a very short distance away, but this intersection gets a lot more sun, and is a higher elevation.  Not much snow left!  That, or what snow there is is covered in the gravel they spread on the road for traction...

Exhibit E:
4-17-15 9:29 PM
You can see that even at nearly 9:30 at night, there is still light in the sky.  This is after sunset, but still plenty light out to see without any lights.  That photo had no flash and is straight off the camera, no editing, so you can see how the lighting is.

I just hope that next year my intellectual knowledge won't fight so hard with my experience knowledge.  I've had a headache every day for the last 3 days!


  1. I love your "Hartwig lake and mote". LOL


  2. I've lived here for 5 years and I and I and my lifelong alaskan husband still play the 'it's impossible that it's ever so green here... how is it ever all white here' game every year!! It is astonishing how quickly your snow will be gone! XX! Plant your nasturtium seeds now :)

  3. I totally understand! Today was actually the first day that we could see ground - the mud instead of snow! The sun was still so high in the sky at 7pm that my daughter and I sat on the back porch and "tanned." It felt great!