Saturday, January 7, 2017

My 2016 Instagram as Evaluated by Makelight Insights

Instagram has been all colorful with the Makelight Insights Year of Colour Insight Reports.  I do have a tendency to the nerdy, and like to see numerical/graphed/charted data, so "Hey, bandwagon, don't forget me!"

So, here's my visual color evaluation of my 2016 Instagram posts:

Hmmm, that's a lot more brown than I had anticipated...  But I can see where the Berry Bravo Quilt, my gardening, and even fireweed are...

And lucky for me, they get even more detailed than that...
Yes, monthly colors!  January is the Copper Basin 300, so pics of dogs and scenery.  Okay, brown makes sense.  Skip down to June, July, and August to see my gardening colors...  I may even start using a month "separator" this year as I've seen others start to do, so as I scroll through my Instagram I can see the year mapped out a bit better.  Yep, another bandwagon...

I had already blogged about my 2016 Best Nine, but I ran that on December 9 (way too early), so was happy to see a new Your Top Nine from Makelight Insights (which I ran on January 4).
My Best Nine ended up in there, but also a new photo of the cabin that's on work property that I can see from my office.  The light was brightening the snowy trees and the sky was a dark blue; so happy to see that others liked it also.

They also had this color evaluation:  surprising to see so much orange/brown/red, until I look at the pics...

They've even shown Individual Image Palettes for the Top 9:
Yep, lots of brown.  Way less purple in that pic of the Berry Bravo Quilt than I had anticipated...

Okay, I know it's a lot of analytics, but here's a bit more:
Most Common Themes (what they've evaluated my photos to include) vs Most Popular Themes (based on likes).  Hmm, need to get more pics of log cabins, I guess....

So, enough geekery for you?  I like seeing stuff like this, so if you have any suggests for (free) sights that with analyze stuff for me, let me know!

Also, if there are any aspects of Alaska life that you would like to read blog posts about, let me know!  And, if you're here for the Alaska stuff, please don't let the quilting/crafting and everyday life stuff turn you away.  Just give me blog post ideas and I'll do my best to provide!

Happy 2017 everyone!

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  1. Hi! I have not used Instagram yet but this post is intriguing! This could be helpful if I posted a quilt top on the design wall and needed to see the dominant or missing colors. Cool. Enjoy the day! mary in Az