Monday, January 23, 2017

August 2016

Nice view from Jeff's union picnic dinner

Another nice view - this one from the Gulkana Fish Camp - near where the Jeep had been dumped after being stolen...
Just another trip to Anchorage (near Sheep Mountain)

...and the return trip home, shortly before Gunsight Mountain.
Checked on the fishwheel for one of Jeff's co-workers.
Took another of his co-workers, and his family, with.
They've not yet been here a year so they can't harvest from a fishwheel yet.
The fishwheel is on a island, and you have to ferry across a slow area of the Copper River to get to it.

The goat trail to the parking area for the fishwheel.

The sun came out shortly after we got there.

And I caught Jeff admiring a rainbow.

This is one of the two fish that were in the fishwheel.  We sent the fillets home with the other family.

And we took home the salmon eggs from the one fish that had them.
I gave them to my boss who then made "stink eggs".
I did not request to try them...
One night we decided to head up to the overlook and try to photograph the AlpenGlow.
Mother Nature did not disappoint.
August 30, 2016  9:57PM  near Glennallen, AK

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