Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Your weather is better than our weather

I was well aware back in November when I said that our weather was better than your weather, that the tables would turn.  And boy, they have!

I've seen the outside temps as low as -34.  That's Fahrenheit...

This is the window in the kitchen, the only one we didn't put plastic over.
When it's this cold, you just can't stop this from happening.
I mean, it's nearly 100 degrees different from inside to out!
Luckily, it's not windy!  There have been some days with a light breeze, but nothing like the wind in the MidWest.  We lived in a condo on a hill, and every time I would go around the corner to go to the garage, the wind would take my breath away!  Not here.  Here I only have to cover my mouth so it doesn't freeze, not because I can't breath...

Today when I went out to head to town, it didn't feel too cold, but with every breath my nose hairs froze up, so you really can't fool yourself for too long.

When it's this cold out, there aren't any clouds.  Sure, there is the "smoke" or "steam" from exhausts, furnaces, fires, and where there is open water, but the mountains are out.

view from near the airport.
Mt. Sanford & Mt. Drum.

Notice the exhaust coming off the building to the right.

view from the Tok Cutoff.
Mt. Sanford & Mt. Drum, with the Copper River in the foreground.
You can barely see the steam coming off of the open water.

This photo was taken around 1:30PM.
It better shows the steam coming off the river where it's open.
The water is probably 60 degrees warmer than the air.


  1. SOO gorgeous!!
    It was 21 here yesterday, and my nose hairs froze solid while I was trying to play with the dog, who couldnt give a **** whether it's cold or not ;) But our 21 was 20 degrees warmer than folks downtown, so I am not complainin!! XX!

  2. Beautiful pics of the mountains!
    Is that a sliding glass door with the ice on it? Is it something that you can put plastic over?
    Stay warm!

    1. Yes, we will be putting plastic over it. It's one of the two windows in the kitchen, and we just never got that far with the plastic yet...

  3. Gorgeous pictures! It's funny to think about it being nearly 100 degrees warmer inside than out, and that the water, which is VERY cold is 60 degrees warmer than the air. Weird, never thought about it like that...