Friday, January 16, 2015

Recent photos

Alaska must have been getting her beauty sleep, because she's been gorgeous the last couple of days!

I was driving home from Glennallen yesterday (so, headed south), and saw that the sunrise looked just amazing!  I knew the best place to view it would be down by the church, which is on the river, and I hoped to catch it...

I did!  Sometimes the light is fleeting, or just a few miles is enough that it's different.  But I was very lucky to get to see early morning sun (a little after 10AM, that is).

As you can see, the Copper River is not frozen over.  In fact, it's almost like there's less ice now than before.  We have had an unseasonably warm winter this year.  Not too many days have stayed too far below zero.

To show you how important a beautiful sunrise is to a beautiful view, this is the view to the North from that same spot:

What a drab, dreary day we ended up having overhead.  Clouds, everywhere.  One more for good measure...

It really doesn't take long to get the good shot, so I was off to home.  The sky had streaks of pink in it when I got home:

But, again, cloudy.  In the afternoon:

It was obvious that it doesn't matter if there are clouds in the sky, as long as they aren't between you and the sun.  (approx 2:40PM)

It really still floors me that at every corner, there is the possibility of a beautiful vista.  Literally.  This is the corner where I turn north to go to town.  All I need is the right light and bam!  beautiful scenery.

And I just stepped outside today because I saw that it was 30 degrees (above zero, thankyouverymuch), to see the sunlight hitting the trees:

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