Monday, August 7, 2017

Little Prairie Rose Quilt - Finished!

Generally when I make a quilt, I have a recipient in mind.  That was not the case for this Little Prairie Rose Quilt.
Mile 61(ish) of the Richardson Highway
Way back in 2013 I had purchased fabric for a Pinterest project that I started and didn't finish.  The quilt shop cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips, as per the instructions.  I got as far as ironing them folded in half and sewing some of them.  Then, nothing...
The fabric came with us to Alaska, and I decided that the best way to use it was to take out the stitching and iron the strips flat make a Jelly Roll Race quilt top.

Once the quilt top was finished and I was looking for fabric to use as a backing, I pulled fabric that I had purchased at Joann's.  Usually I don't just buy fabric, I usually have a plan if I'm buying fabric.  But I liked the vintage look and I really like sheet music, so purchased 2 yards.  Lucky I did, so that I would have it for a backing.
hanging on our (empty) woodshed

As I was making my sister's Meow or Never Quilt, I was implementing the Leader/Ender process, which I had learned about on my aunt Loretta's blog, and you can read about here.  By sewing pieces of fabric together as I was in between Meow or Never sewing, I was able to quickly and easily sew up this one!  In fact, I had the quilt top pieced by the beginning of April!
Thompson Pass
After our trip to the states, and in amongst other sewing, I was able to sandwich and quilt the Little Prairie Rose Quilt.  I decided to stitch in the ditch, and I used the blind stitch foot to do it because that little piece of vertical metal went right in the ditch and (mostly) kept me on the right path!

After the top was made, I thought it would be super cute with some doilies added.  There's a quilt on Pinterest, all gray with white doilies, that I LOVE.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to add doilies (decor from our wedding) to the Little Prairie Rose Quilt.

Well, the fabric reminds me of Little House on the Prairie, it has roses in it, and one of the song titles on the backing fabric is "The Meaning of a Rose."  Hence the quilt name, Little Prairie Rose.  :-)

The Little Prairie Rose Quilt is my fifth quilty finish of 2017.

And here's something I've never done before...  I'm going to try to sell this quilt...  I got some pricing advice from a local quilting friend who sells her quilts.  Now I just have to be gutsy enough to try...

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  1. The doilies add an extra special and personal touch to this pretty quilt. What spectacular scenery!

  2. Very pretty, love the addition of the doilies.

  3. Wonderful quilt! Love the touch of the doilies.

  4. I really like the addition of the doilies. It's unusual and so very pretty.

    1. I like it so much I might end up adding embellishments to more of my quilts!

  5. Beautiful. I love the doilies on this quilt.

  6. Beautiful!!! Love the backing fabric, too!

    1. Me too! Thanks Loretta! A compliment from you is always the cherry on top!

  7. The Backing is awesome; I really like the text in the print. And the assortment of doilies really add to the quilt.

    1. Thank you Debbie! It's rare that I buy yardage without a plan for it, but I'm so glad I did with that sheet music fabric. It really saved me on this project!