Saturday, June 10, 2017

March 2017

*whew - cobwebs on this blog*

Hi everybody!  Yes, I'm still alive.  And, well, unable to sleep.  Seems like a good idea to make good on my promise to myself of writing a blog post for each month...

March was a month of change.  I stopped working completely (only 4.5 months after my last full-time day - Jeff had gotten to the point of telling me that most people stop going to work after they quit) and a friend of mine moved away.  I spent the last half of the month finishing up a quilt top that I wanted to get quilted at my friend's house, as I wanted to take it with us on our trip!  So, sewing happened in March.
I like making stuff for people, but I can't share it on Instagram while in process!
Darn you, secret sewing!

Also, Jeff worked out of the Valdez office a couple of days, and I went down to visit him while he was there.  In between here and Valdez (almost all the way to Valdez) is Keystone Canyon.  And while it's a rock-slide area, and you're not supposed to stop in rock-slide areas, there are big old pull-offs making it easy to stop and take photos of the frozen waterfalls.

I just love the wide angle lens on my phone....
Fu Kung Restaurant - Valdez
It was pleased with my dinner that night!

For Jeff's birthday, we headed into Anchorage for a couple of nights.  I'm not sure why, but it seems like when we're in Anchorage we are simultaneously bored trying to figure out what to do and too busy to get done what we need to get done in Anchorage.  I really think it's because there's just so much available that we get overwhelmed.  On his birthday, we had lunch at Burger King (imagine that I shared with you the photo of him wearing the BK crown - I really don't think he would approve) and dinner at Q'doba.  At first, I questioned if he really wanted fast food for his birthday dinner, and then it hit me.  Saturday night - he didn't want to wait in lines or fight a crowd.  Q'doba was a perfect birthday dinner for him.  Afterwards, we went out to Beluga Point to see the sunset.  We were lucky - we were also there for the incoming tide, and man did that tide move fast!

A while ago, Mom had asked for a picture of a full moon over Mt. Drum.  Well, that's something that you can't get every day.  But in March, the stars aligned (uh, wait, no, the moon and the mountain and the time of day aligned), and we were able to get some nice shots...

March ended up being a moosey month.  Lots of moose sightings, which I love.  Jeff called one day to say that a mama and her babies were right outside of his work!  In fact, I got a lot of "I saw a moose" calls and texts that month.  I was lucky enough to see some moose myself!

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