Wednesday, August 5, 2015

08-02-2015: Willow Lake

Meet the mountains:

Mt. Drum; Mt. Sanford

Mt. Drum 12,011'

Mt. Blackburn 16,391'

Mt. Sanford 16,237'

Mt. Wrangell 14,163'

All photos are from August 2, 2015, around 9:30PM, from the Richardson Highway pull-off at Willow Lake.


  1. Wow, just found your blog. I am a quilter living in Northern B.C. I really love that first photo in this post. Could I use it to make a quilt?

    1. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. If you're still interested, yes, feel free to use the photo to make a quilt. I'd love to see the results!