Monday, May 11, 2015

4-23-15: Moose!

I had a seminar to attend in Anchorage on Friday April 24, and since it's a four hour drive, we drove in the day before.  I am not good at spotting wildlife, but luckily my husband is!

can you see Mama Moose on the far left side of photo?

Baby Moose!

On the drive we could see there was still a LOT of snow out in between the trees.  The moose come near the roads because the snow is melted and they can find something to eat.

Since Mama & Baby were at least 20 feet apart, I stayed behind the car and kept my door open.  When I saw Mama start to move, I got right back in the car - she didn't look like she was coming for me but I wasn't taking any chances!

Jeff said that the Mama had heard the semi that was approaching which is why she moved.  From what we saw in the rear-view, the semi passed without incident.

Glenn Highway at Caribou Creek

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