Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today was a beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day.
Clear blue skies.
Not a cloud to be seen.

Mt. Drum and Mt. Wrangell, with the Copper River in meandering in front.

So I knew that this day warranted a stop at the scenic overlook.
I parked the car and walked out there.
I wanted to get closer to the edge, but it was less traveled of a path, and I fell in a couple times.
So, on more picture, and I left.

panoramic view

On my way back to the car, I saw that somebunny, or somebunnies, had been there before me.  
Can't say I blame them.

When I got home, FedEx had delivered a package, but not for us.  Hmmm...  After some sluething, I found the phone number of the intended recipient, called her up, and found out she was just two doors down.  I put my shoes back one and off I went.

I was glad I had because I found out who a dog was that I see around all. the. time.  She runs the neighborhood.

This is Sophie.  When I asked for her photo she came up within 1 foot of me and posed.  And when I tried to move to get a better shot, she moved to.  So, you get this from-above photo.  Her people live just across the street from us.  That makes sense, cuz I had seen her there once.

When Jeff came home, Sophie was here.  He used the "T" word in front of her, so we had to make good on that.  In fact, we had nothing else, so we ended up opening a new pack of lunch meat, so Jeff could give her the promised treat.


  1. Beautiful pictures! What was the temp like up there yesterday? I love the picture of the neighborhood dog too. We have one like that in our neighborhood. He likes to lay outside our front door until I let my dog out to play with him. He almost always leaves with a treat. Haha.

    1. It was about 39 degrees when I took those pictures. I had a layer of my winter coat on, which I needed because of how far the walk was out to the overlook. But man, that sun felt so nice!

  2. gorgeous! I love your posts!!
    The "T" word! LOL!