Sunday, February 15, 2015

Data dump

So, it's been a while...  Not much going on here, just life.  Here's a snippet:

While I was in Valdez the end of January, for a whole whoppin' 24 hours, we got about 8 inches of snow.  Jeff noticed that he couldn't see the exhaust chimney on the garage anymore, so he got up there to clean off that part of the roof.  There must be a good 3 feet of snow on the garage roof...

Here's what happens when you spend more than a little bit of time outside when it's below zero:
see his breath?

But that was nothing.  I got this one day in a text:
"So cold I grew frost"

Yep, it's been cold.  And then it got warmer, but with the warmth came the wind.  Wow, I'd never felt that kind of wind.  Today it's bright, sunny, and 25 degrees above zero.

Speaking of sunny.  I've really been noticing how much later in the day the sun is setting.  Since Winter Solstice we've gained 3 hours 50 minutes and 46 seconds of daylight!  On Winter Solstice the sun set at 3:15PM and today it will set at 5:25PM!  That's huge!

Hmmm, what else?  I've finished two weeks at my new job.  The files are finally in some semblance of order (whew)!  The unfortunate part is that in the time between arriving in Alaska and starting the job, I got used to not having one.  So getting things done once I get home is not going well - I would rather have my down-time and watch a couple TV shows and read a bit on the internet.  *sigh*  So it will take more discipline on my part.  And more planning.  I know that I will probably need to make tortillas on the weekend so I don't have that huge process if we want Mexican food during the week.  I am NOT used to planning that far in advance when it comes to a portion of a meal.  But if I just plan to make tortillas every weekend, I'm sure they won't go to waste.

I was looking for a show in the guide on DirecTV the other day, and saw an interesting title, "Genealogy Roadshow."  Well, I'm a huge fan of "Who Do You Think You Are," so I knew I had to check it out.  I had only watched 10 minutes of it before I paused it to record the series and text my sister to check it out!  It's on PBS, and it's like if "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Antiques Roadshow" had a baby.  I've seen the one episode, and can't wait to watch more!

And honestly, those are the most exciting things that have happened in the last couple weeks...

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  1. i LOVE genealogy roadshow!!!
    Our dog also grows frost cicles when she's outside ;)
    If you have any tortillas left, I'll eat them! I am still dreaming about them after your post about making them!! Yummo!
    I am dying to see what you make out of the Tula Pink bird fabric, so that's incentive for you to sew after work, lol! You're welcome!