Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Copper River

When we went to church on Sunday (in a little Lutheran church in our "subdivision"), Jeff pointed to the edge of the parking lot and said, "That's the river."
Trees on the south edge of the church parking lot.
So of course I had to make my back there with the camera!
These pictures were taken on Wednesday, November 20, 2014, just before 11AM.

See the steam coming off the river?  It was about 19 degrees out when I took these photos.
Do you see how low the sun is in the sky?!?!  
It's almost noon, and the sun is just getting above the tree line.

I only stood outside taking pictures for about 6 minutes - it was kinda chilly...
Don't worry, I wasn't too close to the river.  It's down probably 15 feet below the "bluff."

Facing North, where the Copper River is coming from.  Mt. Drum is behind the bluffs on the other side of the river.
And while there is a lot of ice on the river, frozen on the edges and then "slushy" in the channel, it's still a very loud river, flowing fast!

Now if I could only get another beautiful pink sunset, I could run down and take some really amazing shots of the Copper River!


  1. How was the service at the little church?

  2. The service was good. I'm just awkward when I'm uncomfortable...