Saturday, November 8, 2014

The storm that's hitting Alaska

When you're from the MidWest, and you hear that a bad storm is going to hit your state, you assume you'll be affected.  Like, "Do we have enough food in the house?" affected.  (or is it effected?  I never did fully understand that one)  That's because the states only take a few hours to drive across, and you can get from one to the next fairly quickly, which means storms can too.

Which is why my sister sent me a link to a story about the storm hitting Alaska and told me to "stay warm."

When we're kids, we see maps with a small Alaska and Hawaii shown below California.  So the majority of us who weren't schooled in Alaska have no idea how huge the place actually is.  Jeff tells a story about how when they moved from Alaska to Wisconsin, the whole class thought that Texas was the largest state; he was the only kid with the right answer in class.

The map above is Alaska transposed over the Lower 48.  The Aleutian Islands are going to be taking the brunt of this storm.  So, "California, Nevada, Arizona", etc.

The pink dot just East of St. Louis is approximately where we live.  So, luckily, this storm is way far away from us.  And all of the weather mapping I've seen show that this affects of this storm are going South of us, and have shown that our temps are going to increase!  *happy dance*

On Tuesday I am so going outside without a coat!  Look how warm it's going to be!  37 degrees above zero!

As for you, MidWest, well...

It's not looking good, my friends.

The moral of the story is:  It's freaking November.  Get a coat; it's going to get cold outside.

Have a great day!  I'm off to the post office...

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  1. Isn't it funny how 37 suddenly seems so warm? After being in the single digits most of last week, even 28 felt pleasant yesterday! (Of course, this morning we've got lots of wind and rain, so I guess that's due to the storm...hope it doesn't wash our snow away.)