Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our weather is better than your weather!

Remember that storm the size of Alaska that was set to hit Alaska?  Good news for us is that it brought us warmer weather!  Bad news for the Lower 48 (or at least much of is), it brought you cold weather!  You're welcome!

Here are a few screen shots I've taken of our weather lately:

Look at that!  At 9:00 AM on Monday, Nov 10, it was 39F out!  It was windy though - whew, the trees were really swaying that day!

And the temps climbed up to 41F at 3:44 PM that day.  Crazy!  I drove in to town to run some errands.  Even though I took my coat with me, I sure didn't use it that day...

8:53 AM on Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Ah, yes, my favorite of them all!  Look at that!  My family in Illinois is experiencing the same weather I am!  So exciting!  And my former co-workers, well, according to the weather on my phone, they got some snow yesterday - yeay them!

And the other thing I like is since we'd been experiencing highs in the teens, this feels like a freaking heat wave for us!  The snow is feeling it too though.  It'd been more than a month since I'd seen the trees without snow on them.  It kinda looks like March in the MidWest out there.  Dark trees, kinda soggy snow, dirty roads, etc.

Well, I guess I'll go out there and enjoy the "warm" temps - our temps are supposed to drop this weekend back to what we'd been having, in the teens.

Stay warm, my friends!

Oh, and sorry for the over-use of the exclamation mark...

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