Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Slim Jim - Salute the Troops

Hey everyone, just a quick note to tell you about something Slim Jim is doing.

click here!

Their website says:
"Slim Jim is one of the most requested snacks by our troops.
Because for them, it isn't just delicious, portable, and high in protein, it's a taste of home.
That's why Slim Jim makes a donation of sticks to the USO every year.
And in 2013, we made this gift even more special by including your personal messages of support.
Over 100,000 proud Americans rose to the occasion with words of comfort, encouragement, and kindness.
These messages were then printed on sleeves, stuffed with sticks, and shipped to troops around the world.
This year, it's our mission to collect 1 million unique messages to send along with our 1-million stick donation.
With your help, we'll salute the troops and show just how much we care."

I really wish I had seen this before today.  This would have been a great thing for EVERYONE to have done yesterday, Veteran's Day, to help increase the number of unique salutes that Slim Jim is sending out.

Now, I'm not a fan of jerky, but if this company is doing something special for the men & women serving in the Armed Forces, I'm going to support them.  How about you?  It didn't cost me anything, so just go to their website and type something in.  It's easy.

After you've done it, leave a comment here on my blog, just because it would be so cool to see how much support we can all give.  What do you say, are you in?


  1. I went to the website and sent a message!
    May all of our service men and women be safe and return home soon!

  2. I also sent a message Thanks to all veterans and servicemen and women.