Friday, December 19, 2014

What a diva!

Mt. Drum has been very sassy lately, hiding for days a time.  Then, when the mountain is out, by the time you get to a good place for photos, it's hiding again!  WTF!?!?

December 15:
Let's take Monday, for example.  I drove up to the road, got a glimpse, and thought, "Yes!  I'll get some great photos today!"  By the time I got to a place for photos, those clouds had rolled in.

December 17:

And then this, two days later.  Come on, Mt. Drum!  The comb-over is not fooling anyone!  We know it's you!

But that wasn't the kicker.  On Thursday all the mountains were visible from Glennallen.  It was beautiful!  I didn't get any pictures, though, because I figured I would stop somewhere to get some really good shots.  Only a few miles south and the mountain was completely gone, hidden by a wall of clouds, as if the mountain had said, "Too late!  I'm putting my hood back up!"  And I did say, out loud, "You little stinker!"  Okay, I might have used a different word that starts with that same letter...

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  1. I know they're not the photos you're hoping to get but I'm impressed by those pictures of the mountain!!