Sunday, January 3, 2016

9-4-2015: Talkeetna, Alaska

my parents

On our drive from Wasilla to Healy, we went a few miles out of our way to check out Talkeetna.

On the way there, we saw where the wildfires had been earlier in the summer.

This is the main street through Talkeetna.  If you see a picture of Talkeetna in a guide book, you're probably going to see this building.  It's basically a little general store, very packed, with just a few of a lot of different things.  It was packed, so we didn't stay long, just long enough to get a peak at the Major...

Major Stubbs
Meet the major of Talkeetna.  Yes, he's a cat.  He lives (and naps, apparently) at that store.  We did not bother him, but I was able to get a picture through the doorway.

End of tourist season = discounted t-shirts.  Loved this one!

You can see Mt. McKinley Denali from Talkeetna, but not on the day we were there...  We unfortunately had quite the cloudy/rainy/foggy time when we went to the fair and then up to the park.  Maybe next time we'll have better weather...

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