Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 FAL - Q1 List

So apparently there is this thing in Blogland called the 2016 Finish-A-Long, designed to help quilters finish projects they have already started.  The rules are that you have to post your *hopeful* list of finishes for each quarter, specifically "- In order for your projects to be eligible, they must at least be a tangible project at the start of the quarter.  That means, at the very least, a pile of fabric pulled along with a pattern," and since I rarely buy fabric without knowing how I'm going to use it, I have  few eligible projects...

Bazaar Style

I had purchased a few prints from Pat Bravo's Bazaar Style line a while ago, and recently picked up the purple solid to make the pattern I had dreamed up.  Problem is, I didn't buy enough of that solid!  So this project is on hold until I get to town again.  If this happens again, I'm going to buy swatches of all the solids of a line and just order as needed...  My plan is to donate the quilt (planning on a twin size) to the EMS auction, if they have it again this year.

Floor Time Mat

I had purchased these flannels over a year ago with plans to make scarves.  I didn't like how the fabric laid for a scarf, so plans have changed.  I will be making a whole-cloth quilt with the argyle.  I'll have to piece the back.  And then I'll straight-line stitch along the diagonals.  I don't have a recipient in mind, but there is a Pregnancy Center out here that I could donate it to.   The last time I used this same batting and brand of flannel, the finished product was quite stiff, which is why this would be a floor time mat instead of a quilt.

Gelato Ombre

I bought this fabric from Massdrop, loving it so much I actually bought two half yard bundles.  I'm still kinda scared to cut it though, it's so pretty, even though I have a plan all colored in...  Plus, my sister has basically laid claim to it, so I guess I better get started..  It's going to be so easy to cut out, just strips of fabric basically...

Kitty Quilt

Do you see how cute that kitty fabric is?  It's from a Mystery Parcel that I had purchased from Whimsy Quilts.  I've had this plan for all these fabrics (from my stash!) for a few months.  The rose bud fabric for the back is some that I had purchased when we still lived in Wisconsin when I thought I would try a Pinterest project that never came to fruition.  But this little thing has to happen because Adorable!

And so if I do finish all of these during the first quarter of 2016, I will have made as many projects as I made in the entire year 2015...

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  1. Have I told you how much I LOVE your blog!!!! Don't let Rylee see the kitty fabric or she'll probably lay claim to that one...