Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wild Puffins!

Honestly, the cruise we took on the LuLu Belle the end of August with Mom & Dad was freaking amazing!

I was so darned excited to see real, live, wild puffins, I just couldn't stand it!

Do you see where these guys live?  It's amazing the cracks in the rocks they find to live in.

This was all almost straight up and down; they found a ledge to stand on.

and this guy was literally right above me!  It was just amazing.  Oh my gersh...

The rocks had some really neat colors too.  Lots of that pink and green.

I wonder how far back that crack goes?  Do I see little baby puffins in there?

And the water was just so clear!  And watching them take off and fly, for some reason, was just amazing to watch, like "Oh, they are real!"

Okay, I have to go on that cruise again...

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