Friday, November 6, 2015

a cruise on the Lu Lu Belle... scenic views & glacial ice

Three years ago Jeff and I were supposed to cruise on the Lu Lu Belle, but it was not meant to be (sad face).  And since we now live 2 hours away from Valdez, where the boat cruises from, we knew it was time to take the trip!  We decided to wait until Mom & Dad could go with us.

The drive to Valdez was not so good.  Cold.  Overcast.  Snowing at Thompson Pass (on August 31, no less).  But luckily once we got out of the port the weather greatly improved!

Mom, trying to stay warm

the back of the ship was a good place to sit (it was dryer than the front)



oh, you wanted to see animals?  you'll need to wait for the next post....

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