Saturday, February 21, 2015

store eggs vs. farm eggs

Jeff asked a co-worker if she had room on her egg list for another family, and she did!  We've gotten a total of 3 dozen eggs from her so far.

We get all different sizes together.  I use the smaller eggs for baking/cooking/scrambled eggs.  I like to use the larger eggs when we have egg sandwiches for breakfast.  I used that one in the bottom right corner for a sandwich for me, and it was the size of the bread!  I usually have 2 eggs for my sandwich, but that is not necessary with these huge farm-fresh eggs!

I have noticed some differences between the store eggs and the farm eggs.  Farm eggs just seem to be more hearty.  The shell is stronger, the membrane between the shell and the egg is tougher, and the egg itself is thicker - it doesn't run like I'm used to.

And then we bought eggs after we'd gotten the farm eggs, and man, those white store bought eggs are flimsy!  After using these farm eggs, the store eggs break so easily, crumble almost, and the egg runs all over the pan...  I vote for farm eggs over store eggs any day!


  1. I try to use farm fresh eggs as often as I can get them. I have a co-worker that I buy eggs from, but in the winter, hens don't lay as much so I can usually only get 1 doz. a week from her. That will pick up in the spring and summer when they lay more.
    In the meantime, we have found that we can buy farm eggs at the local Shop n Save. They cost more, but at least we can get them!

  2. That is so cool!! I love a fresh egg and egg sandwiches!! We used to have a contest/lottery to see who got the first double yolk ;)