Friday, February 6, 2015

A different kind of homesick

I've been up here (Alaska) for 4.5 months now.  I knew that I would experience homesickness for my family, and whenever that creeps up Jeff gives me big hugs and lets me be sad.

But I didn't expect to have homesickness for my former co-workers.

I started a new job this week.  An easy, non-stressful, part time job.  I didn't want stress.  I didn't want to work full time (because I wanted to be able to continue cooking home-made dinner most nights).  So this was perfect.

Problem is, now that I'm there, my old co-workers aren't.  No lunches with Colleen & Lois.  No whistling from Mark.  I'm not hearing Lesley enter the hallway and say "He-ey!" (etc etc etc - I could go on for at least a couple dozen examples)  And it all makes me a bit sad.

It's much less boisterous at my new job.  Everyone is very nice - don't get me wrong.   But as the new girl no one knows me yet so while I get "Hi." and "How are you?" the conversation ends there.  I haven't been the new girl in almost 14 years (and when I was the new girl, on my first day, someone came to my office and said "Who's my new friend?") so I had forgotten how it feels.


So the next time there is a new person where you work, go the extra mile for him/her, knowing that they just might be a little homesick for old coworkers.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and here's a view from my office window:


  1. We miss you too hon!! That's why I love seeing all the things you post.
    Just know, it looks the same here as there right you don't need to miss that. lol ;)

  2. So tell us what the new job is!!

    1. Well, since it's an HR job, I won't be blogging about it, but....
      I'm working for a local organization that not only gives various help to the natives and honors the elders, there is also a medical clinic.

  3. Awww, it makes me sad (and teary) to hear this. I'm sorry you're missing your work friends.

    1. Don't be teary. I'm gonna visit them in the spring!

  4. I'm glad that you have the opportunity to put your skills to such good use helping in your community. I wish it wasn't so hard having things we love begin to exist in the past. But so glad you will get to visit your co workers in the spring. By then you'll have started new traditions in this new place :) Show 'em how it's done!! XX!

  5. I had that feeling big time when I changed jobs once, it was awful, I'd gone from working with really friendly creative, people to really negative, nasty people. I lasted about 2 years and then went back to my friendly job. At least your colleagues aren't nasty, they'll warm up once they get to know you. The view is like a picture postcard.